Wanderlust Wednesdays - The Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

June 04, 2014 2 min read

Wednesdays are not easy days. It’s the middle of the week with no respite in sight. You are knee deep in work and Friday seems like ages away. Wednesdays are the most difficult of days to pass, especially when sitting at work we come across beautiful places which give us a severe case of wanderlust! And then most of the day is passed daydreaming about the weekend and making plans with our friends, lovers or families.

Here on Wanderlust Wednesdays at The Luggage Professionals, we carefully select some amazing places that you can visit and satisfy that craving in the pit of your stomach that keeps on nagging you to just pack your bags and leave!

Kakadu National Park Kakadu National Park

In our very first edition of Wanderlust Wednesdays - the Destination of this week is the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. Located 171 Km southeast of Darwin, this picturesque park is a world-heritage site. There are a multitude of things to do at the Kakadu national Park. Go bird watching and get treated to a spectacular sight of beautiful birds with their colorful plumages. Go for walks in the alligator regions or explore the woodlands near Jabiru or treat your eyes at the rock art galleries of Nourlangie Rock. There are guided tours to look at the culture and the flora & fauna of the Kakadu national Park, ranger tours and many more that you can choose from if you want to go with the flow!

Visit the National Park’s page to look for possible things to do: http://www.parksaustralia.gov.au/kakadu/index.html

Preparing for a trip to Kakadu National Park:

A park pass has to be bought for visiting Kakadu National Park, one pass costs $25 and is valid for 25 days. More info here: http://www.parksaustralia.gov.au/kakadu/plan-your-trip/passes-and-permits.html

Keep in mind the weather, check it online before you go, and choose clothes accordingly. If you’re planning to go camping or hiking, pack clothes that are comfortable to walk in. A good pair of shoes is a must. If planning to go camping/ hiking, then you will also need various essentials such as water bottles/hydration packs. Of the two, hydration packs are a better option when going hiking as they are easy to carry, and some bigger hydration packs will probably last you all day.

If you plan on staying at one of the hotels at the park, then keep a waist pack to carry all your essentials instead of lugging around your heavy backpack. Paired with a hydration pack, these two things will be all you need to carry!

Depending upon the duration of your trip and the kind of activities you want to do there, choose a backpack that will fulfil all your requirements. Find backpacks of varying sizes, shapes and functionalities  at The Luggage Professionals.

The Kakadu National Park is truly majestic where you can become one on one with nature!

Stay tuned for more wanderlust wednesdays!

Until then, safe travelling everyone! :)

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