Wanderlust Wednesdays – Romantic Getaway at DaylesFord, Victoria

June 26, 2014 2 min read

Bonjour mes amis!

How are we today?

Doing good, having fun............. banging your head on the desk at work?

It seems we are all doing the same :p

However, the light at the end of the tunnel, otherwise known as Friday, is pretty near and we are already into planning mode for the weekend!

This Wanderlust Wednesday is for the couples, the lovers out there who are always wondering where to take their significant other and pamper them!

Well, we have solved that dilemma for you.

Pack up your bags and take your lover to the picturesque town of DaylesFord, Victoria, this week's wanderlust wednesday destination.


DaylesFord is situated north-west of Melbourne, at a distance of about 115 kilometers. You can get there by train, by bus or drive down. Both the train and bus services are available almost daily.

What to do at DaylesFord & Hepburn Springs

A former goldmining town, DaylesFord is located in a region that has the largest concentration of Natural Mineral Springs. Hepburn Springs, the twin to DaylesFord is right next to the town and both DaylesFord and Hepburn Springs combined are the ultimate indulgence. The serene environment and bountiful natural beauty make the perfect setting for a romantic getaway.

Hepburn Bath House and Spa is a historic bathhouse which has an array of relaxing spa treatments to choose from. Since 1985, this amazing bathhouse has attracted hundreds of visitors and is definitely not to be missed. They get mineral water directly from the source, have private and public mineral pools and also mineral springs which you can see. Learn all about the iconic bathhouse and the facilities they offer at http://www.hepburnbathhouse.com/


There are any local wineries and breweries which can be explored during the day. You could also go for a romantic stroll on the many walking trails scattered all over DaylesFord.

Visit this page or maybe this one for a complete list on what all you can do in DaylesFord!

The quaint, scenic town is ideal to get away from the hustle of the city for a relaxed and pampered weekend with your significant other.

Packing for DaylesFord & Hepburn Springs

There is really nothing specific that you need to take apart from comfortable clothing or anything else that you might need. Unless you're a heavy packer, all your things can be easily fit into a duffel bag or an overnight bag.

Our favorite bag for weekend trips is the Hidesign Apollo Overnight Bag. This bag has won over our hearts with its sleek design and practicality. If this does not suit your tastes, then we have a wide selection of duffel bags for your scrutiny. Pick one that you like best and travel away :)

Happy Romancing :)

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