The Good, The Better and The Best In Leather Bags

October 15, 2014 3 min read

Ah! These leather bags will never let us live our lives in peace. How they seduce us into buying them. But then again, can anyone have enough leather bags in their collection? If you already have a tote then you may need a laptop bag or if you already have a laptop bag then you may need a tote and then we find ourselves struggling in the face of an endless cycle of desiring these good looking carriers!

Well nobody can be blamed, call us biased or simply in love with leather bags, but we sure like to indulge in their beauty. Also, we rarely shy away from openly recommending these to our customers.

So let's get down to what we think are the Good, Better and the Best among Leather Bags!

The Good

Roncato Panama Messenger Bag – Talk about a subtle style statement and we'll offer you this downplayed, modestly awesome messenger bag from Roncato. This messenger bag is fully functional with a 12'' PC holder and sufficient partitions for keeping documents. If we may add, it's also unisex which means it will look great on you and your boy friend! Perhaps better on him than you but that shouldn't stop you from asking for it whenever your own look demands. Coming back to some of the bag's practical qualities – the bag is water resistant, colour resistant, and and extremely lightweight. Put it on for an evening stroll to the nearby bazaar or wear it all day long when exploring a country's hidden treasures on foot. Perfect for corporate-bound professionals too. The bag effortlessly takes the title of the “Good” in this list.

The Better

Zafino Leather Laptop Sleeve

Zafino Isabella Sleeve – Leather and elegance go hand-in-hand together and this Zafino Isabella sleeve is the perfect example of that! The Zafino is made from soft full grain leather and makes an impressive choice for even the most snooty leather loyalists. Being a classy piece of workmanship and craftsmanship, this Zafino Isabelle sleeve is bound to become the object of envy.. The internal compartment is solely for the laptop. The sleeve has two carry-me handles and a strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder as well. The Zafino sleeve can be termed as the femme fatale among other sleeves and leather bags, thanks to its beautifully designed pattern and a touch of sheer sophistication in the form of thebrass hardware. You think “better” too, right? Well unmistakably, we say!

The Best

HideSign Preston Business Bag

Hidesign Preston Business Bag – This is the company that redefined designing and manufacturing of leather bags, the result of which was a revolution in leather bags both design and quality wise! You need a proof of Hidesign's dedication to superior quality merchandise? Just take a quick glance at this Preston business bag and catch the glimpse of Hidesign's rich legacy. This bag was the first choice for this honorific category and we're sure you'll agree. Now let's discuss what makes this Hidesign Preston business bag “the best”. It's made of full cow hide leather and feature internal zipped pockets and gusset pockets. The buckles and external design give this bag an ultra classy and retro look. If you want to make a lasting impression on your business meeting or simply want to turn heads when entering your office space, this is the bag to go for!

Here they are, our picks for the Good, Better and the Best! Get all these at your favourite luggage store – The Luggage Professionals. You can also replace your old business bags and laptop sleeves with these exquisite pieces.

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