Duffel Packing Trick - Pack like a Marine

September 13, 2014 2 min read

In one of our blog posts a couple of months back, we talked about the best way of packing a duffel bag https://theluggageprofessionals.com.au/blog/pack-duffel-bag/. It was a useful post, giving out tips and tricks to fit maximum in a limited duffel space. And today, we give you yet another super smart packing trick for duffel bags.

Samsonite Folding Duffle

Have you heard about packing like the marines?

Marines have a limited space to pack all their stuff for the time they are off shore. So, all their belongings, which are obviously not fancy but strictly essential go in that limited space, however, smartly.

We came across the online shop and journal, Huckberry.com and their superb 'How to Skivvy Roll', and this is something so useful that we couldn't resist sharing it with you! Especially for trekkers and adventure travellers, packing like the marines is a fantastic way to carry maximum in lesser space and in a relatively smaller bag.

Doing a skivvy role is easy and interesting. So, you place a t-shirt flat. Fold a pair of shorts, tights, trackpants and place on top of the t-shirt, right in the center. Fold the sides and arms of the t-shirt lengthwise over the shorts. Lay a pair of full length socks (ankle length won't work) over the t-shirt sleeves in a crisscross pattern. Leave the leg of the socks outside. Now roll the t-shirt from collar till down and let the sock legs hanging outside. Lastly, fold sock legs over rolled items one by one and your smart skivvy roll is ready to go in the bag (check the link for images).

We're sure you've not seen anything like this before. A skivvy roll is an efficient way of packing in a limited space. Check out the 'How to Skivvy Roll' journal here : https://huckberry.com/journal/posts/how-to-skivvy-roll and try out the new way of packing by planning your next trek sooner.

Check out more duffel packing tricks, luggage carriers, travel tips and amazing travel accessories at TheLuggageProfessionals. Travel safe and happy!

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