Would you prefer a laptop compartment in your suitcase or carry it separately?

April 25, 2014 2 min read

Traveling with a suitcase and a separate laptop bag is not much of a hassle if you really think about it. But then for a few, who have cell phones or are occupied in their business newspapers, the following scenario might be a little bothering: one hand to drag the suitcase, laptop bag on one shoulder and the other hand to listen to a phone call - hassled, we say. As much as you, you must try to make your travels as less cumbersome as they can be.

How about letting your laptop rest in the laptop compartment of your suitcase. Luggage carriers by American Tourister Luggage, Caribee, Samsonite, Victorinox Luggage, Roncato, Mandarina Duck (Platinum) etc. have provision for a laptop/ iPad within the suitcase. Just place your gadget in the compartment, accessories to go with it and maybe some documents you usually put in the laptop bag and you are sorted. There’s no need for a separate laptop bag while traveling by utilizing compartments in your suitcase.

Samsonite Duranxt 55 cm 2 Wheel Cabin Case

Though many will argue that you might want to use the laptop in flight, or after the luggage has been boarded, if it’s safe or not to leave the laptop in suitcase - You have to work that out. If you require your laptop after the luggage has been boarded and you’re sitting for your flight announcement, then of course checking it in doesn't make sense. Safety shouldn't be a concern because all branded luggage carriers come with TSA approved locks. And we say that compartments in suitcases add more convenience to your travel and traveling light is the mantra to traveling happy.

Roncato Smart 55 cm Cabin Upright 2 Wheel Suitcase

Extra baggage is a little bothersome and when you’re not experiencing a good trip, even a small laptop bag will cause you hassle. So, just plan your trip in advance, see what’s your work requirement and if a cell phone suffices your work requirements, let your laptop be in the suitcase compartment and be more relaxed. One of the leading luggage carrier providers in Australia, TheLuggageProfessionals.com has an amazing variety of soft/hard suitcases to choose from. Invest in a luggage carrier that will be your travel companion for years to come.

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