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Caribee Backpacks

The Luggage Professionals, Australia's leading luggage retailer offer a wide selection of quality Caribee backpacks and luggage. We stock a range of functional, durable and affordable Caribee bags and luggage at the best prices. Caribee fast track, sky master and Caribee scarecrow are also available at our stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

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What's all the carry-on?

In Australia all our airlines adhere to either a 105cm or 115cm domestic carry-on bag size limit. Use our quick guide for major airlines, for smaller airlines please check your booking confirmation or with the airline.

Caribee Backpacks – The Second Favourite From Australia After the 'Outback'

The Australia outback appears right on the top of every traveller's list along with something else – the Caribee backpack! Caribee, the leading manufacturer is a smashing hit around the world and we do NOT wonder why!

Caribee backpacks and luggage is synonymous with the Outback – with all the features that any outdoor adventurer would want in his or her backpack. Tough, rugged and durable to withstand all your adventure cravings and expeditions, Caribee bags are as reliable as they come. Made from the most durable materials, Caribee backpacks are specifically designed to offer convenience, portability and functionality when you are trailing unknown and untravelled paths. Employing latest technology and innovations in designs, Caribee brings you nothing else but quality off the assembly line. The urban traveller shouldn't be disappointed as Caribee creates exclusive models for the urban traveller which are as loved as their outdoor counterparts.

At The Luggage Professionals we offer you a huge range of Caribee backpacks and bags at the lowest prices that are as pleasing as the travel products themselves.

The Luggage Professionals Caribee Bags Collection:

We retail an exclusive collection of Caribee backpacks including but not limited to: Freshwater, ice breaker, ridge runner, phantom and many more that are as rock solid as the spirit of an outbacker! 

Along with the Caribee backpacks, there are super comfy and high quality sleeping bags, cabin bags, global organisers, laptop bags and most importantly the Caribee wheeled backpacks and tour combos built for urban travelling. You can find the Caribee sky master happily rubbing shoulders with the fastracks and other models from the backpack collection.

This versatile collection from Caribee has been compiled keeping both the adventurers and urban travellers in mind. Whether you are planning a hiking trip or gearing up for a family vacation/ office trip, these Caribee bags will be your perfect travel solutions.

The Caribee luggage pieces and backpacks in our collection of travel bags have the following features:

1) They are made from extremely tough materials and are hence durable.

2) Caribee bags and luggage pieces have efficient compartmentalisations – both internal and external – giving you enough room and space for all your essentials.

3) Each Caribee model is resilient and practical  - made for the environment it serves.

The name Caribee has been rightly taken from the scientific name of a South American piranha like species which is daft and relentless in its dominance of the environment; a signature characteristic of the brand's travel products too.