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The Luggage Professionals are not offering this brand any more.

Shop for high performance Tatonka luggage with The Luggage Professionals, Australia's leading luggage retailer brings an exclusive collection of Tatonka bags – barrel, backpacks and other models. Quality and durability combine to make Tatonka bags the only choice for travel gear. Visit us online for free delivery Australia wide.

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What's all the carry-on?

In Australia all our airlines adhere to either a 105cm or 115cm domestic carry-on bag size limit. Use our quick guide for major airlines, for smaller airlines please check your booking confirmation or with the airline.

Tatonka Luggage – Making Adventure Possible One Bag At A Time


Think adventure travel. Think Tatonka! This luggage brand is an unofficial favourite of the outdoor and adventure-enthusiasts and a brand which not only promotes eco-friendly lifestyle but also undertakes measures to ensure a less damaging and a more environmentally and socially responsible working environment.


Tatonka is a family-run German company with its own certified production houses which enable the brand to closely monitor the design and the manufacturing processes. Each Tatonka luggage piece is an invitation to “Expedition Life” - the two words with which Tatonka uses to summarise the growing love for the outdoors and nature. And it is to this love that Tatonka dedicates its each every barrel bag or backpack.


Tatonka luggage is made for the adventurer. The durable Tatonka barrel bags, daypacks and backpacks are ready to take on any kind of trail, hike or a bicycle tour.


The Luggage Professionals Tatonka Collection:


Being The Luggage Professionals our duty is to bring travellers only the best not just in terms of quality but also what suits them and this Tatonka collection is sure to impress an avid traveller. We have the immensely famous Tatonka barrel bags and roller bags. Our Tatonka collection is selective and includes bags with the following features:


1) The barrel bags are made from robust materials and are rated among the toughest on offer.

2) Adjustable and rubberised straps make them ever more easy-to-carry and less cumbersome. Some of the barrel bags also feature hidden rucksack shoulder straps.

3) The roller bags have zipped and padded compartments.

4) The roll system is the exclusive Tatonka stable system and comes with the telescope handle.


So ready to conquer your next peak? Let Tatonka help you with your quest.