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Shop from this range of high quality Vault RFID wallets, zip coin wallets and best leather wallets and more here. The Luggage Professionals bring you a great collection of RFID protected men's wallet, leather wallets and more at the most competitive prices possible.

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What's all the carry-on?

In Australia all our airlines adhere to either a 105cm or 115cm domestic carry-on bag size limit. Use our quick guide for major airlines, for smaller airlines please check your booking confirmation or with the airline.

Is electronic pick pocketing making you worry about carrying your credit cards and documentation in your regular wallets? Then Vault brings to you the most perfect solution – RFID protected leather wallets, zip coin wallets and so much more. RFID pocketing is all about having all your information being stolen without your knowledge. All these electronically viable cards, Ids, workplace security cards have a tiny chip incorporated in them that makes them vulnerable to the more sophisticated lot of the thieves. But no longer, as Vault – from Australia has found a breakthrough to put an end to such thefts by coming up with RFID protected wallets.

You can choose from RFID wallets for men, credit card holders, zip coin wallets, slimline wallets and women's wallets and leather clutches. The technology introduced by Vault prevents any sort of electronic pickpocketing to happen by blocking the portable RFID readers that many of these more sophisticated thieves may have.

The Luggage Professionals Vault Wallets Collection:

We have stylish, functional and extremely practical credit card holders and wallets for man and women that can easily slip into your breast pockets, slide into your cabin luggage or back pockets. All these accessories have the RFID blocking technology that prevent ripping off of your digitised information.

Vault products, apart from being RFID protected are also:

1) Each Vault wallet and card holder features a metallic barrier to prevent Radio Frequency waves from reading the information on your cards.

2) Extremely durable and portable. You can easily carry them in your pockets or in tote bags, etc.

3) Have multiple card slots for carrying numerous cards at one time.

4) Are made from original cowhide leather.

Vault has done a remarkable job in offering this amazing solution for RFID thefts. The Luggage Professionals are bringing to you these amazingly advanced accessories and holders at the most competitive pricing. We also ship free Australia wide!

Buy a Vault wallet and roam around the world carefree.