Luggage Leash by Leash It


The Luggage Leash is a Bluetooth beacon device that you fit to your suitcase/s or luggage, the use of the free Luggage Leash App then allows you to keep track of your luggage via a crowd sourcing system. The app will send you a notification if the bag is taken out of your range (which is 20-30m) allowing you to keep an eye on your luggage regardless of where you are and how busy it is. The app also allows you to report your luggage as missing. Your bag can be traced by searching for it within the range of other app users – all around the world.


Key features

  • Keep an eye on your bag even when you can’t see it – the app will alert you if it is taken out of your radius (the radius is set by the user up to about 30m)
  • Find your bag anywhere in the world thanks to the crowdsourcing Bluetooth enabled tracking
  • Battery can last 2-3 years and is replaceable
  • The Bluetooth device can be hidden anywhere in your luggage or bags
  • The app is free to download on iPhone or Android
  • The app can work in airplane mode if you enable Bluetooth
  • Multiple bags can be linked to one app – each pack contains one beacon device.


We recommend this suitcase for:

  • This is a terrific device for all travellers but in particularly for those going to less secure countries where theft may be a problem.
  • It’s ideal for backpackers or those staying in hostels/shared accommodation – you can be alerted if your luggage is being moved during the night
  • It’s also a great idea for children’s bags especially if they are in the habit of leaving them behind!


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