Cabeau Evolution Cool Memory Foam Travel Pillow

  • specifications: 25 x 24 x 14 cm, 360g
  • width_height: 25x24
Cool Blue


The latest release from Cabeau takes all the award winning features of the Cabeau memory foam evolution pillow and adds cooling air-circulation vents for a cooler and more comfortable experience. The next generation Cabeau Evolution Cool travel pillow is packed with features and will upgrade your travel experience.

Key features

  • Cooling Air Circulation Vents – eliminates heat and perspiration concerns
  • The pillow is made from high quality memory foam, the type you find in high end foam mattresses. It is supportive, adaptive to different positions, resilient and durable.
  • The memory foam construction allows the pillow to compress to 1/4 of its size when packed into its travel bag
  • The 360 degree design provides support in all positions, including neck and chin support when upright with your head tipped forward.

Product Specifications

  • Material (pillow): Proprietry Dual-Density Memory Foam with a strong and durable core and pillowy soft outer comfort layer. Memory Foam a supportive & highly comfortable foam that adapts to how you use it. The foam springs back when pressure is released.
  • Material (pillow cover): Cover=92% Polyester, 8% Spandex, the case is removable allowing it to be washed between uses. The fabric is made from a sporty breathable moisture wicking fabric that absorbs perspiration and promotes air flow in and around the pillow. 
  • Travel Case: The deluxe travel case condensed the pillow down to half its size for more convenient packing. The travel case is attachable to the pillow so it won’t get lost and includes two small pockets. 
  • Bomus Ear Plugs: The pillow comes with 1 set of memory foam earplugs on a one size fits all cord to ensure they won’t get lost.
  • 360 Support: The pillow features a higher than normal side cushion, with an ergonomic shape to provide better support when seated. The pillow has a flatter section at the back, so there is no bulge to push your neck forward. A magnetic custom size toggle pull keeps the pillow in place, ensuring better neck support and reducing discomfort and waking when your head bobs forward. The pillow can also be turned around should you wish to support your chin.
  • Additional Features: A small pocket is stitched into the cover for MP3 players or phones, this means your headphones won't get tugged out so much as your player is out of the way.  
  • Use: The Evolution travel pillow is perfect for aeroplane travel, train or bus travel and car trips. It's also ideal for camping, to take to the beach, or to use when sun bathing. You can lie on your stomach and use the hole to rest your face in!

We recommend this product for:

  • This pillow is the latest release from Cabeau and offers additional features from their Memory Foam Evolution Pillow including a cooling design with air vents, moisture wicking fabric that is lightweight and breathable; it’s ideal for those who are travelling to hot climates or those who tend to sleep hot. 
  • This pillow is the perfect gift for the frequent travellers in your life.

As seen in:

  • The evolution pillow comes recommended by The New York Times. The Washingpost, Gizmodo + many more. 

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