Samsonite Travel Fleece Pillow

  • warranty: 2 year limited warranty


Sometimes nothing beats the traditional bean filled travel pillows, this Samsonite Travel Fleece Pillow is loaded with ultra-fine polystyrene beads to cradle your neck and relieve pressure when sitting for long periods. One side of the pillow is a comfort soft fleece and the other side is a durable spandex. Featuring a loop for easy attachment to your suitcase or travel bags.  


Key features

  • Bean filled travel pillow
  • Soft, comfortable fleece on the upper side and a durable spandex on the lower side
  • Loop at the top to secure to your bags
  • For use in planes, trains, cars and more
  • 2 year warranty


We recommend this product for:

  • For those that just can’t go past the comfort of a traditional bean filled pillow, this Samsonite version features ultra-soft fleece to boot. 

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