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About The Luggage Professionals - Luggage Store Melbourne & Online delivering Australia wide


2005 – 2019 – Pioneering the online luggage world

Commenced in 2005, our mission was to revolutionise the luggage and travel sector by taking our large catalogue of products online and make it easily accessible with free shipping, free returns, the most competitive prices and fast delivery Australia wide. Being amongst the first to really invest in the technology and systems we were a driving force in the online marketplace for travel and luggage accessories, with people not thinking twice before purchasing online these days.

Until recently our mission remained the same, with the exception of offering our customers more than just great prices and variety, we wanted to take our staff’s expertise and advice to the digital store. Through our custom product descriptions and informative blog we were able to not just list product specifications but really cut through and outline who the product is best for, how to use it and how it is relevant to your travel specifications.


2020 – Hit Pause: The year the travel industry ground to a halt

 We think there is barely a person on Earth that 2020 didn’t throw challenges at. It was, however, exceptionally disruptive to the travel industry. With just about all international travel grounded for Australians and patchy and unpredictable border closures domestically, coupled with months long store closures and business interruption for our suppliers, it’s safe to say 2020 was ‘rough’.

We essentially hit pause. Thought long and hard about what the travelscape might look like after restrictions eased and what role, if any, there was for us. What we knew was 2 things, 1) We would travel again, it might take time, but the world will travel again; and 2) Whilst there are some things we believe we do well, we knew there were many things we could do better, so we set to work building our new vision. We’re ready and waiting for the world to open up again.


2021 – The Luggage Professionals 2.0

Who are we? We are a Sydney based family with 2 young children, passionate about travel. This business has seen a number of changes since we started in our Alexandria store back in 2005. A unique opportunity arose to get involved in this new business, and at just 21 years old we jumped in. 16 years later, more highs and lows then we care to remember, and coming up to almost 12 months in a forced holding pattern we have taken the time to think long and hard about this business and what we want from it. We are excited to move forward and share our vision with you.

Our team – we have a close knit team in Melbourne managing our Malvern store and servicing all our customers. They are also young families, with 2 brand new Covid babies added to the family! (Please excuse any tired faces spotted in store!) We trust, rely and are so thankful for all our staff over the years, but our current team have really been in the eye of a storm and still show up every day with a smile, we couldn’t have more admiration for their persistence.


Our 2021 Mission

Retail – For our retail business our key criteria holds strong; competitive prices; excellent advice; fast & convenient shipping options; great range and a lovely, easy to navigate web shop. Our new website launched in December 2020 is the first step to even better and faster communication with live chat. Stay tuned as we launch product videos answering your questions and giving you an in store experience, even if you can’t visit us in Malvern.

But we wanted more. The values we live our life by were not translating into our business. And we thought if they are important to us, they will be important to our customers, which is why through 2021 we will be focusing on the below additional missions;


Closing the Circle…

Suitcase technology is rapidly changing, along with our priorities and airline requirements in regards to weight, security and so on. This has resulted in a high turnover of suitcases leading to a lot of waste from our industry (bring to mind every council clean up ever and all the sad sodden suitcases on the side of the road). We’d like to slow it down, close the loop and be more considerate in the life cycle of a suitcase, and help our customers do this also.

  1. Reduce – we will be spotlighting and giving priority to Eco minded products. There has been some terrific innovation in this sector the past 24 months, so you will find Eco minded suitcases &travel products highlighted on our website and showcased in store. This will be ongoing, the greater the demand for products making use of recycled materials and sustainable production the larger the range will get.  
  2. Reuse – Our in store repair and servicing counter will launch in Feb 2021. We will make use of nearly a decade’s experience in luggage and bag repair to help our customers get more from the bags they already own. Whether they can continue to use them for longer or donate/share them, that suitcase will see more life. We are also excited to launch our trade in scheme and pre-loved luggage offering in Feb 2021. Along with charity partnerships that will see old, usable suitcases distributed to selected charities to be reloved. Stay tuned.
  1. Recycle – this is a work in progress for us, but we are trying to find the most efficient recycling program for luggage in which we can help our customer’s dispose of their old suitcases in a more thoughtful way. Until we land on the right partnership, please consider whether you can sell or donate your unwanted luggage to give it new life, or if the item can no longer be used, disassemble and recycle/dispose of the parts thoughtfully.  


We’re excited to get underway and look forward to a more transparent and enriching luggage experience moving forward. Follow along with us @theluggageprofessionals

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