Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 and the Travel Industry 

As everyone is aware, the travel industry, including travel retailers such as ourselves have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. So what changes have come about and how does it impact your shopping and online orders with us?

Industry Changes affecting The Luggage Professionals

With travel being shut down completely in March, and resuming slowly in the second half of the year, our usual ordering and turn around times have dramatically changed. With less volume we may place less frequent orders with our suppliers meaning slightly extended lead times on some products. We may also have less stock and variety in store. Happily, to date, our suppliers are all faring well and our product range has not been greatly impacted. 

In addition, our usual shipping methods are subject to slower shipping times as they deal with higher volumes. 


In Store Changes 

Our Melbourne based store was forced to close it's doors for 15 weeks whilst Melbourne was in lock down, we are now open and trading 7 days once more and look forward to welcoming you back. In store we are practicing Covid safe social distancing and cleaning practices. We appreciate you using our sanitiser upon entry, wearing a face mask and practicing distancing from our staff. 

Our shelves may look slightly emptier than usual but that's just as we adapt to the slower trade and start to make adjustments to suit a domestic travel market for the short term. We are business as usual. If you are looking for anything in particular please pop in and say hello, we can order in anything you need. 


Online Changes

Given this is an unprecedented quite period for us, we have made the leap to a new website. It was too good an opportunity to miss, as everyone knows transitioning to a new site comes with it's teething problems, so we will have everything smoothed out and working perfectly for 2021. In the meantime, we have a large catalogue we are working through as quickly as possible to update, some items may be displaying incorrect information. We thank you for your patience. Our new site was launched beginning of December 2020. 


The Luggage Professionals - things to know

For the next little while, domestic travel is where it's at. We know that domestic travel has different luggage and accessory needs than international, so we are tailoring our collection to suit. 

As our suppliers deal with surplus stock from an unusually quite June-July travel period, we are also excited to be bringing some great deals to our customers. Keep an eye out for opportunities to purchase top of the line luggage for unbelievable prices and get organised for when the borders do open again. 





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