Luggage Repair & Service Centre

** Please note our repair centre is temporarily closed.  Our embossing service remains open. 

Warranty repairs follow their usual process, so please find information below. 

We are pleased to launch our in store luggage repair and service centre! Our dedicated kiosk is due to arrive soon, but our service centre is now open, so please find a list of services and prices below. We look forward to helping you extend the life of your luggage and travel gear. 


Warranty Repairs

Warranty repairs continue to be executed through your bag supplier (wholesaler) and authorised repair channels - the processes vary from supplier to supplier. If you purchased the bag from us, please bring it in and we will help you assess & organise your warranty repair. If you purchased the bag elsewhere and it is still under warranty, please get in touch with your bag supplier through their authorised website for details on how to make a warranty claim. 


General Repairs, Servicing & Embossing

For items out of their warranty window, damage not covered by warranty or fast turn around repairs, please see our service list below. 

 Repairs Starts from
Grab Handle Replacement (top or side) $25
Wheel Replacement $15 per wheel
Replacement Hinge $25
Replacement Lock $25
Replacement Telescopic Handle $35
Replacement Zip Puller $20
Patching (soft bags and backpacks) $20 - $30
Forgotten combinations for locks $10-20
*from prices exclude cost of parts

Cleaning & Steralising Service 

$50 per hour
 Custom Embossing Prices
1-5 letters $25
6-10 letters  $45
11-15 letters $65
16-20 letters $85

Repair's 'Need to Know': 

* Prices indicates labour costs and excludes cost of parts. Please drop in or email photos of your repair for a comprehensive quote and lead time. 
* We can only repair bags in brands that we stock due to access to spare parts. We do however welcome bags in these brands that were purchased elsewhere. 
* The service centre operates Mon - Thurs 10am - 4pm. Please understand that during busy retail times, your service may take an extra few days. 
* Lead times: if parts are in stock, turnaround time is 1-3 days. If we need to source parts, 1-2 weeks. 

Embossing 'Need to know':

* Custom Embossing can be on any leather item that fits in our embossing machine. Typically leather bag tags, wallets, small handbags or leather swatches that can be adhered to larger bags and suitcases. 
* Custom embossing turnaround time is 24-48 hrs. In busy retail periods up to 72 hours however you will be advised. 

Cleaning Service 'Need to Know': 

* Cleaning and steralising is typically a one hour service. If there has been a spill or leak, it may need 2 hours or work plus drying time. You will be quoted prior to booking in. Turnaround time is typically 48 hours. 

What can't be repaired? 

  • Broken Zips: In some instances, zips that have come off their runners can be repaired, but specialised machinery is required. We can give you some recommendations. 
  • Cracked or broken outer shells on hard suitcases or inner frames on soft cases. Unfortunately a cracked shell can't be replaced at this time. If the bag is unusable for travel, consider using the bag for storage or break it down for recycling/responsible disposal. 
  • Bent parts: In some instances a bag can get squashed which can bend or warp parts, it may not be possible to repair with replacement parts in these circumstances. 


 Get a Quote/Ask A Question

We will quote all repair work prior to commencing. Please email malvern@theluggageprofessionals.com.au or get in touch via the live chat function. 


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