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There's a huge range of suitcases, duffels, packs and hybrids available on the market; so how do you know which is going to be the best one for your trip? The starting point is to outline how you typically travel. Typically you don't buy a new bag for every trip, so you need to find the one that is best suited to the travel you do most often, and that can be adapted to suit other trips. 

For example, if you are an avid camper and skier, a large, wheeled duffel with compartments, sturdy wheels and water resistant compartments is likely a good choice for you. These types of bags are also perfectly reliable for overseas resort holidays. Perhaps not as luxurious, but gets the job done, and it's the better fit for the majority of your travel. 

We've rounded up our top 20 suitcases and travel bags to suit 6 different categories of travellers. Use our short quiz to guide you to the category that best fits your needs. And to dig deeper into why we recommend the bags that we do, discover our this vs. that series in our blog which details the pro's and con's of 2 and 4 wheel suitcases, soft vs. hard suitcases and suitcase vs. duffel bag. 


Suitcase Finder Casual Traveller Bold

Casual Traveller - 'Bold'

Suitcase Finder Casual Traveller Classic

Casual Traveller - 'Classic'

Suitcase Finder Business Traveller

Business Traveller

Suitcase Finder Adventure Traveller

Adventure Traveller

Suitcase Finder Luxury Traveller

Luxury Traveller

Suitcase Finder Tech Focused

Feature Focused

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