Epic Jetstream Air 65 cm Medium 4 Wheel Case

  • specifications: 65 x 46 x 26 cm, 68 litres, 3.3 kgs
  • suitcase: 4 Wheel,Hard,Lightweight,TSA Lock Included
  • warranty: 5 year limited warranty
  • width_height: 65x46

JetstreamAIRs design is unique, and its shape adds strength and stiffness. The shell is made from easily recyclable 100% polypropylene. This material is known to be high impact and fatigue resistant, but usually quite heavy.  Our products unique design actually manages to incorporate these advantages while still achieving a low weight.  The very latest in developments for shell material and components also help keep JetstreamAIR at its lightest and strongest.   Besides that, you can use the grooves in the shell to personalize your case with the graphics kit included inside.
All of the components are top-quality and smooth running.

The wheels, and top- and side handles are made by AirSpeed, ensuring low weight, high performance, and long life. 

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