Go Travel

Go Travel - Brass TSA Combination Lock

  • specifications: 63 x 32 x 7 mm
  • warranty: 1 year limited warranty
  • width_height: 63x32

Made from tough brass with a 3 dial lock. It keeps undesirables out, but allows US customs to examine luggage safely and easily. Ideal for those who spend a lot of time travelling in and out of the States.
Technical Info:

  • 3 dial solid brass combination lock
  • Recognised by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration)
  • Composition - Brass / Steel


  • Spin the shank around 180 degrees from the opening position and depress.
  • Keep the shank depressed in this position and move the dials to your desired personal combination code.
  • Then lift the shank and turn it back 180 degrees to the original position and depress.
  • To lock the padlock move the dials on to any different numbers, the shank should then be secured in place.
  • To open the padlock simply move the dials back to your chosen personal combination code and the shank will be released. 

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