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Go Travel - Dry Sounds

  • warranty: 1 year limited warranty

Place IPod or MP3 Player & Play even in the rain with this 100% Waterproof Case*. The 'roll 'n' seal' Velcro closure protects your items while still allowing full operation of the controls, and the handy neck cord secures the device on your person. Ideal for water-based activities and sports, this waterproof pouch* safeguards against water damage and contamination from sand or dirt (*waterproof up to 1 metre only).


100% Waterproof case*

Reliable 'roll 'n' seal' Velcro closure

Full operation of controls when inside pouch

Protects against water, sand & dirt

A 100% waterproof pouch that keeps your iPod or other mp3 player perfectly dry, even when you're socialising with the fishes.

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