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Go Travel RFID Cash Guard

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Be on your guard to avoid the risks of using contactless payment

Go Travel introduces the new Card Guard.

Travel accessory expert Go Travel has responded to growing fears surrounding the use of contactless payment cards with the launch of its innovative new Card Guard. Cleverly shielding a credit or debit card’s RFID signal, the Card Guard slips in front of your contactless payment card, fitting unobtrusively inside a purse or wallet to prevent duplicate payments or suffering an annoying ‘card clash’.

A timely addition to Go Travel’s range, the new Card Guard hits stores just as figures from the TFL (Transport for London) warn that it has already refunded thousands of pounds to passengers charged twice while using the capital’s Oyster card system. It’s a problem the Card Guard quickly eradicates by preventing the reader picking up the covered card’s data.

The heightened concerns have prompted TFL to invest in a widespread advertising campaign advising travellers to place only one payment card next to the reader to avoid duplicate payments, paying on the wrong card, or ‘card clash’ delays where multiple card signals confuse the reader and prevent payment. 

Go Travel’s Card Guard avoids the need to remove cards from a purse or wallet when paying. Place the Guard over any contactless payment card to prevent the reader accessing that card’s information. The Card Guard’s patented technology ensures only the covered card is disabled, leaving your chosen payment card totally unaffected.

Supplied in a pack of two, Card Guards are ideal for individuals with multiple contactless enabled cards in their wallet. The ultra-lightweight and slimline design won’t add bulk to a purse or wallet. The Card Guard’s handy indentations fit snugly over a credit or debit card’s long number, not only guaranteeing a correct fit but also separating easily when you do want to use your card.

Key Facts: Card Guard

  • The Go Travel Card Guard shields the RFID data required to make contactless payments.

  • Covering a credit or debit card with contactless technology prevents the risk of unknowingly paying for something twice, on the wrong card or malfunction due to ‘card clash’.

  • Protect yourself against identity theft.

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