Rimowa (Platinum)

Rimowa Salsa 40 cm Business Multiwheel Carry-on Case

  • specifications: 42.5 x 40 x 21 cm
  • warranty: 5 year limited warranty
  • width_height: 42.5x40


The perfect small carry-on case - big enough for an overnight trip, terrific as a carry-on. On its own it is the perfect wheeled business case - strong, lightweight, with a full divider and laptop case inside, which can be removed entirely and the case converted into a small suitcase style carryon. It has an elastic strap on the rear to hold it securely on top of other wheeled suitcases, so with your matching Rimowa suitcase, you're travelling singlehanded!
It is strong enough to wheel other carryon pieces on top, a great help if you're travelling with other pieces. We know from experience how big those airports can be, and would never travel without the Rimowa Business Trolley again! With four wheels, this IATA-sized carry-on case moves so easily, you'll never know how you lived with just two wheels - terrific for long queues and big airports, and easily wheeled sideways down the aisle of the plane. A vast improvement from the "tip and shuffle" that we used to do in long queues.

Rimowa's Salsa luggage almost never gets bent out of shape. These highly resilient polycarbonate cases return to their original shape as soon as the pressure is released.
But the most important feature is the weight - or lack of it - which means you can carry more stuff!
Lightweight, strong, resilient, and extremely easy to manoeuvre. The perfect travel companion.


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