Rimowa (Platinum)

Rimowa Topas Multiwheel Business Trolley

  • specifications: 43.5 x 43.5 x 20.0 cm
  • warranty: 5 year limited warranty
  • width_height: 43.5x43.5

The perfect small carry-on case - big enough for an overnight trip, terrific as a carry-on. On its own it is the perfect wheeled business case - strong, lightweight, with a full divider and laptop case inside, which can be removed entirely and the case converted into a small suitcase style carry-on. It has an elastic strap on the rear to hold it securely on top of other wheeled suitcases, so with your matching Rimowa suitcase, you're travelling singlehanded! It is strong enough to wheel other carryon pieces on top, a great help if you're travelling with other pieces. We know from experience how big those airports can be, and would never travel without the Rimowa Business Trolley again!
The Morszeck family have been making luggage in Cologne since 1898, and aluminium trunks since 1937. The classic Topas was introduced back in the 1950s and has been under continuous development since then. The aluminium luggage, which was developed especially for tropical travel, is among the lightest and sturdiest luggage in the world. It protects against high humidity and remains unaffected by strong fluctuations in temperature.

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