Samsonite Lite-Locked FL 75 cm Large Suitcase

  • specifications: 75 x 51 x 31 cm, 3.8 kgs, 93L
  • suitcase: 4 Wheel,Hard,Lightweight,TSA Lock Included
  • warranty: 10 year limited warranty
  • width_height: 75x51


The Lite locked is good news for fans of Samsonite's much loved Oyster cases, it is the first to combine that 3 point locking security system with Samsonite's unmatched Curv material. The Lite Locked FL is secure, lightweight and sturdy; it has a fixed frame design with hinge closure and three clip locks. This prevents break ins and is more secure than a zip design as well as being weather resistant and comfortable to use. 


Key features

  • The first and only light weight Curv suitcase with a secure hinge and clip locking system
  • Lightweight packing and total ease of mind
  • Designed to match the Cosmolite range
  • Made in Europe
  • Premium interior with removable laundry bag and hanger
  • 10 year warranty

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 93L
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Handle: Top, side and bottom handles for easy lifting into cars, luggage belt and on transport. The extendable pole is a single pole handle with push button release. 
  • Wheels: 4 multi directional double spinner wheels for easy handling and 360 degree movement. Comfortable to wheel next to you, or pull behind you.
  • Material: Made from Samsonite's patented Curv material. Curv is extremely durable and impact resistant and lightweight.
  • Zips: The lite-locked does not have a zip closure. It has a hinge closure with three point locking system.
  • Locks: The three point locking system includes 3 latch closure, one on the top and bottom, and one on the side which includes a 3 number TSA combination lock, suitable for travel to the US.
  • Packing Structure: 
    • The Lite locked opens in the centre with packing on 2 sides. The lower half has an elasticized strap to secure items. There is a rigid fabric divider pad. 
    • The lid side has a zipped divider pad 
    • There is a removable shoe or laundry bag and a hanger

We recommend this suitcase for:

  • Security Conscious travellers: The Lite locked has a secure hinge closure with 3 point locking system, this is more secure than a zip closure and therefore the best choice for security conscious travellers. The Lite locked is also a secure choice for those who have to leave their cases unattended, there is no way to gain access into the case without the combination.
  • Samsonite 'Oyster' Customers: Those who have used and loved the Oyster cases for years can now upgrade to the Oyster for the benefits of the secure locking system, but in the lighter revolutionary Curv material.


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