Lapoche (Platinum)


  • specifications: 43 x 61.5 x 8 cm, 2.3 kgs
  • width_height: 43x61.5

SuitPack is a suit carrying system that allows travellers to arrive at their destination totally confident that their suit will present “ready to wear”.


  • Every curve, fold, attachment and surface has been analysed and refined to remove creases and wrinkle forming conditions

  • Avoids the "fold and hope" approach of traditional garment carriers

  • Scientifically designed suit packing system that never fails to leave your suit ready to wear on arrival

  • Suitable for all standard sizes and combinations of men’s and women’s suits

  • Light and sturdy with built in handle and shoulder strap.  Suitpack can be carried or packed into a suitcase

  • Design includes a rigid, hollow cavity which isolates and protects the shoulders, sleeve and trouser’s front rise

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