Victorinox Luggage

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Rome Leather Money Clip

  • specifications: 8 x 10 x 1 cm
  • warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • width_height: 8x10


The Victorinox Altius 3.0 ‘Rome’ Leather Money Clip is a premium quality, compact and simple leather money clip. Featuring 3 slots for cards (one large one that could store receipts) and a rear money clip, the ‘Rome’ is a compact design for minimalists.


Key features

  • 100% genuine Napa leather
  • 3 card slots
  • Rear money clip
  • Global Lifetime Warranty


Product Specifications

  • Material: 100% genuine Napa leather
  • Packing Structure: 
    • 2 card slots
    • One large card slots – could also store receipts
    • Rear money clip

We recommend this business bag for:

  • The Victorinox Altius ‘Rome’ leather money clip is perfect for those looking for a premium quality leather money clip for their essentials.  


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