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Luggage Sets

Find the perfect luggage set for you from The Luggage Professionals, Australia's leading luggage retailer. We have an extensive range of travel luggage sets in different styles, sizes, materials and colours. Shop with us online or in store today at the most competitive prices.

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What's all the carry-on?

In Australia all our airlines adhere to either a 105cm or 115cm domestic carry-on bag size limit. Use our quick guide for major airlines, for smaller airlines please check your booking confirmation or with the airline.

Carry-it-all With our Luggage Sets

If you have more air miles racked up than you can count, or your family takes multiple vacations in a year, then one luggage item that you should definitely have is a luggage set. Instead of buying different suitcases for each family member, or for every trip, simply get a luggage set and you're all set. Luggage sets are usually a set of 3-4 suitcases, sometimes a travel accessory such as a cabin bag is also part of the set.

The best part about getting a luggage set instead of buying multiple suitcases is the cost-effectiveness, where getting separate pieces might turn out to be expensive. And you could even make a tradition out of it, matching suitcases for everyone in the family! :)

The Luggage Professionals Collection of Luggage Sets:

Luggage Sets are quite a useful thing to add to your luggage collection, especially for frequent travellers. We could give you plenty of reasons on the usefulness and practicality of getting luggage sets, but lets stick with the most important ones. The main one is economy. Buying a luggage set instead of individual suitcases for everyone is much more economical, usually by a decent amount.

For us at The Luggage Professionals, we want to ensure that you travel with all that you want and yet conveniently. We have luggage sets from Antler & Heys, both brands known for their superior quality and design, with each brand having its own unique features, some of them which are:

• Built from the highest quality material, for greater durability and strength

• Contemporary & Stylish designs

• Fully lined interiors

• Internal & External compartments

Shop for Luggage Sets at The Luggage Professionals and save big with our lowest prices!