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Laptop/Ipad Accessories

Shop with The Luggage Professionals, Australia's leading luggage retailer for the perfect accessory to keep your laptop or Ipad safe. Shop with us phone cases and travel accessories for tablets and laptops, online or in store in our convenient Sydney and Melbourne locations!

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What's all the carry-on?

In Australia all our airlines adhere to either a 105cm or 115cm domestic carry-on bag size limit. Use our quick guide for major airlines, for smaller airlines please check your booking confirmation or with the airline.

Travel Cases for Your Gadgets!


Call it the curse or the call of the 21st century but we just can't be without our electronics anywhere. Time away or without our iPads, laptops and of course the ubiquitous smart phones is no longer conceivable. As these gadgets have become an integral part of our lives and lifestyles, we need appropriate travel accessories for them so that you can carry them around safely on all your trips, even on an adventure holiday! You don't want to miss out on some fantastic selfies or uploading some fantastic shots of your trip, now do you? :)


So here it is – a collection of accessories – that will make your iPads, laptops and tablets feel a lot safer and more protected as you hop from plane to plane or travel the lesser known roads. We have got iPad cases, phone cases, laptop bags, tablet sleeves and shoulder bags that are anti-theft as well.


The Luggage Professionals Collection of Travel Bags For iPads & Laptops:


Our collection is sure to make you want to take your tabs and laptops around, just in case, you were thinking of leaving behind for lack of suitable carriers. You can choose from Go Travel laptop bags, sleeves and cases for your iPads and sleeves for tablets from Victorinox, Pacsafe and Solo. These luggage brands have impressed immensely with each of their travel safe and anti-theft products.


Anti-theft bags in collection are not only durable but also have the following features:

1) There are dry cases which are 100% waterproof. Once the iPad is inside the pouch, it will continue to respond to touch and will have the email, movie and gaming functional.

2) The shoulder bags and iPad cases are shock proof and can withstand the hits and the misses.

3) Pacsafe bags are anti-theft with RFID protection

4) Removable carry handles of sleeves makes them easy to carry.


We know you store entire virtual world in your gadgets and we want you to carry it safely everywhere around! We are offering these travel necessities (not really accessories any more) at the lowest possible prices in Australia. We ship free Australia wide too.